Soal Ujian Harian Struktur Atom



Subject                   : CHEMISTRY

Class                      : 10


Do the following problems carefully !

  1. Determine the number of protons, electrons and neutrons in the following neutral atom and  ions :    a.    Cs         b.    Mg2+        c. Br-
  1. What is the difference of isotope, isobar and isoton? Explain with each examples of elements !
  1. Determine the atomic number, valence electron, group number and period number from the electron configurations given below : A (2 8 3), B (2 8 8 1) and C (2 7) !
  1. Explain the Thompson’s atomic theory with it’s models !
  1. Copper occurs in nature as isotopes 63Cu and 65Cu. What percentage of each isotope must be present if the relative atomic mass for Copper is 63.55 ?

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